Mahsa, Seoul
September, 2014

September, 2014

Yasmin, Fort Point
August, 2014

Self portrait, San Francisco
June 30, 2014

Peter and Connie, Mount Tamalpais
May 30, 2014

Mandy and Momo, Montara State Beach
February, 2014

Manee, San Francisco
March, 2014

Arch Rock
June, 2013

Market Street, San Francisco
January, 2013

I had almost half of my hair chopped off a week ago, and no one knows because I’m no longer doing a 365.


Thanks to all who followed along! Please help yourself to a piece of cake.


A gentleman saw me running back and forth to my camera and kindly offered to help me take the photo, but I explained that I had to do this on my own. I’m going to miss having a legit reason to take selfies in public.


One last self portrait by my bedroom window.


Stephanie and Butter-pup.


My exciting Friday night.